October 3rd, 2011

Philippines: One of the World’s leaders in shipbuilding

Manila, Philippines- The Philippines is already considered worldwide as the leading source for good and quality seafarers in the maritime industry.

Now, another laurel will be placed in the country’s shipping industry, as it becomes the 4th leading shipbuilder in the world. 

International shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries recently inaugurated its two latest ship called The MV Star borealis and the MV Star Polaris. Around 20,000 Filipino worked on the assembly of the two vessels which according to company’s official was finished at a record time. 

Last year, the company was able to produce 10 ships at the Subic Bay Metropolitan shipyard. This production helped largely in pushing the country as one of the top ship producers in the world. 

“Filipino workers’ skill is very much upgraded,” said Taek Kyun Yoo, Managing Director, external trade team of Hanjin Heavy Industries. 

The company also believes that the industry can go further in the country especially with the excellent skills of the Filipino workers. The said company is also one of the biggest foreign investors in the Philippines. 

Currently, Hanjin Heavy Industries is set to expand their operations in the Philippines as it has already reserved 200 hectares for added facilities. This expansion is expected to push the current position of the Philippines as a world leader in shipbuilding ever higher in the coming years.