August 29th, 2011

Philippine Seafaring makes IMO “White List”

Manila, Philippines - For the third time this decade, the Philippines was able to comply with global seafaring standards and has made it in the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) “white list”.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced the good news to Filipino seafarers aspiring to work in foreign vessels. The Labor Secretary credits the country’s “consistent and sustained standing in giving ‘full and complete’ effect” to the IMO’s revised Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping Convention.

“The white list affirms the capacities and diligence of the Philippines in ensuring the competencies of Filipino seafarers,” said Baldoz.

Secretary Baldoz said the inclusion of the Philippines in the list also points to the country’s consistent compliance with the STCW Convention ’95, as amended. The STCW ‘95 was amended during the 2010 Manila Conference, otherwise known as the Manila Amendments which will enter into force by 2012.

The London-based IMO is a United Nations agency tasked to focus on the safety and security of shipping and prevention of marine pollution by ships. Being included in the white list increases the chances of Filipino mariners of being hired in foreign vessels because the list serves as the “reference bible” in seafaring excellence.

Baldoz said with this development, the country would prove once again that Filipinos seafarers are the best in the world.

 “Our capacity for excellence will be tested to the hilt, and by demand and necessity, we must again do our utmost in order to ensure that the quest for quality of Filipino maritime training institutions and of the overseas Filipino seafarers do not taper, but continue to be sustained and maintained at global benchmarks and cutting-edge levels,” she said.