November 15th, 2022


Growing up in the mountainous province of Kalinga, a young girl dreams of seeing the vast blue oceans and having a career at sea.

Determination, hard work, and perseverance would make this possible. And with proper guidance from one of the Philippines top maritime agencies, Xadalene P. Guisob is now exactly where she always wanted to be --- excelling at sea.

Xadalene is currently a 3rd officer in the Golden Union fleet. This has always been her dream -- to see the world and explore the oceans.

Xadelene Guisob 1

"I grew up in an environment surrounded by mountains, plains, rivers and fields. This made me realize that there is a bigger world out there. This encouraged me to seize the vastness of the oceans and lands far beyond the shores I have ever known," said Xadalene.

Guisob finished high school in Agbannawag National High School. She then went to the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and finished school in 2020.

"Living in a little bubble of my community my whole life, I have realized how overwhelming it is to start working in a new environment, with new people with different personalities. Knowing that, I have started to realize my calling and it is to overcome my fears and to start paving the way for women like me in this position.

The path she choose may be unconventional given her family's conservative background. But she says the allure of the vast blue ocean was simply too hard to ignore.

"I am a hard worker and I take my responsibilities seriously. I get scared of how vast the universe is. But traveling to reach the ends of the world excites me. I fear the unknown but my faith in God grounds me, and God's love is what gives me strength to keep going on," she added.

And with Crossworld's help and guidance, the girl from a mountainous Province is now a seafarer beaming with pride and passion.

"Golden Union has been giving me the best support and opportunity I could ever ask for since the day they took me in and up until now. This encouraged and motivated me not to just settle for compliance but to be excellent in whatever I do," proudly exclaimed Guisob.

Shipping firms can continue to expect Crossworld to provide more crew members like Xadalene -- passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. The firm has been helping would be seafarers from the Philippines for decades and has weathered several storms and came out stronger.