November 15th, 2022


Our company has reached another milestone after now sending more than 5,000 crewmembers across the world.

This latest achievement is a testament on how shipping firms continue to hold Crossworld in high regard when it comes to providing the most qualified crewmembers for their fleet.

Of course, this would not be possible without the trust of our crewmembers who carry the company's name proudly and are currently excelling at sea with the world's biggest shipping firms. These crewmembers also serve as Crossworld's ambassadors around the world as they exemplify hard work and dedication in the field and becoming a living embodiment of the kind of quality service the company provides to our sponsors.

It also shows how Crossworld continues to hone and shape Filipino talent and help them in achieving their dreams. It's a strong indication of trust and quality service which Crossworld has been known to provide for decades since it started back since the early 90's.

PhotoThe company sent its 5,000th crewmember, Rhino R. Bazan last October. He is a Bosun in LMZ Shipping S.A. fleet. Bazan received P 5,000.00 as a token from Crossworld to mark the celebration.