December 9th, 2021

Crossworld’s ETO Training Program Reaches New Highs

Crossworld’s ETO Training Program is once again providing to be a valuable crewing tool to cover ETO positions on the long run.

Manila, Philippines – A total of 61 electricians are currently being trained by Crossworld as part of its Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Cadet Program. 
The program focuses on converting land-based electricians to much-needed sea-based electricians.

“We’re delighted to having to grow this training pool on behalf of our principals as this is the suitable program to secure their future needs while still securing some valuable benefits. But best of all, it’s also for happy seafarers who have a steadily growing career,” says Simos Varias, CEO of Crossworld Marine Services Inc.

The cadets were thoroughly chosen from a large number of potential candidates. All participants are licensed in electronics and most have vast experience on the field. This means that Crossword’s ETO cadets have enough engineering and electrical engineering backgrounds once they step onboard ships

“We had initially planned to train 80 ETOs through the program, but we have quickly reached 61 cadets currently undergoing the necessary training,” added S. Varias.

Included in the first three batches are those who topped their class in universities and colleges. The company is ensuring ETO cadets have the best training as they go through general courses at the partnered (STCW, MARPOL, MLC, ISM/ISPS/SMS, Leadership).



- After the thorough selection phase of land-based electricians, the trainees undergo 5.5 months at the UMTC whereby they are taught all the specifies of ship- based ETO work.

- They then embark as Cadet electricians for 9 months before reviewing to shore to get certified as ETO.

- From there-on they embark again as qualified Electricians.