March 11th, 2021

Crossworld Launches Photo Contest for Seafarers

Crossworld Marine Services Inc. launches a photo contest for its employees in line with its 17th year anniversary. ‘Crossworld Winter Photo Contest’ where Crossworld crew members have a chance to showcase their photography skills while the company honors and celebrates seafarers and their lives.

The contest also aims to allow the public to get a glimpse of a life of a seafarer at sea and let the people see the ‘beauty of the shipping industry’. It’s a chance for seafarers to share the beautiful places they’ve been while they travel the world onboard their ships.

There are no limits on the number of entries each crewmember can send. The photos must be personal snapshots of the crew related to sea landscapes, parts of the ship, and seafarer’s everyday life.

The categories are: #CrossworldInNewNormal, #CrossworldLove, #CrossworldGivesRecognition and #CrossworldGoesGreen.

The winner will get a $250 cash reward. There’s also a $150 cash price for the 2nd place winner and $100 reward for the 3rd place winner.

Those who are interested can go to: Cossworld Winter Photo Contest to submit their entries.

The contest will last until April 20, 2021 . The winners will be declared on April 30, 2021.

Crossworld Launches Photo Contest for Seafarers