October 4th, 2019

Manila Archbishop lauds Filipino Seafarers' Courage, Love for Family

Manila, Philippines – 'Every Filipino seafarers are potential saints.'

That's according to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle as he led a mass during the 24th National Seafarer’s Day (NSD) celebration in Paco Arena.

The Manila Archbishop referred to Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod as he noted that these two martyrs of the Philippine Catholic Church were seafarers and missionaries before they became saints. He added that Ruiz and Calungsod sailed to other countries and died for a mission: “to teach the Good News.”

He then urged Filipino seafarers to spread the word of God as they are reminded that they are not just major economic contributors, but they also have a mission for the church.

That's as the Manila Archbishop revealed how he has always been fascinated by seafarers since Jesus Christ fishermen-disciples around him who later disseminated his teachings.

“As we strive to make our lives better, may this not lead us to forgetting our roots, neglecting those who need our help. Real progress also means progress in sympathizing and helping our fellowmen. But if it leads us to becoming numb and blind to the needs for others, then you cannot call it real progress,” said Tagle in his homily.

“If you are already well-off and live a comfortable life and you deny the Philippines and forget where you came from, that is not progress. That is regression. That is not the attitude of an upright person. And that is not the kind of Filipino I know,” Tagle added.

The Manila Archbishop then lauded the seafarers for their strength and food as they continuously try to brave the seas while leaving their families behind.

“Even if you feel pain when you leave your family and your country, that suffering is not a reason for you to be ‘paralyzed,’ but inspire you to strive for more.”


Source: Cebu Daily News, Inquirer