February 10th, 2017

Diaz makes rounds in Cebu schools, training centers

The Executive Director of the STCW Office of the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) Eleazar Diaz paid a visit to Crossworld’s Cebu branch as he made the rounds in the province.

Diaz, the Chairman Emeritus of Crossworld, met with some of the company’s officials including branch manager Prince Batiancila. Diaz and Batiancila exchanged pleasantries as both expressed admiration to each other’s work.

Diaz was in Cebu to check on Maritime Higher Educational Institutions (MHEI) and Training Centers. That’s as the country prepares for the upcoming EMSA audit which will be conducted in March. Diaz wants to make sure that the Philippines will be 100% ready for the said audit. Among the schools visited were University of Cebu, University of Visayas and Southwestern University.

While in the province Diaz also met with Cebu ship owners as well as officials from the Philippine Coast Guard. The meeting centered on how stakeholders can curb the fraudulent certification which is a prevalent problem in the Cebu.