October 30th, 2012

Filipino makes history after being named as new President of International Shipping Association

The International Shipping Industry’s Trade Association known as InterManager recently elected Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC) Vice-Chairman and CEO Gerardo A. Borromeo as its President making him the first Filipino and first Asian to hold the prestigious position.

Borromeo succeeded Meridian Marine Management managing director Alastair Evitt and joins International Maritime Organization head Koji Sekimizu and International Chamber of Shipping chairman Masamichi Morooka among Asians who are currently heads of global shipping organizations.

The newly appointed leader shares that developing the industry’s young cadets and young executives are among his top priorities as President of InterManager. Borromeo also points out that the industry is currently in an interesting crossroad between ship management and crew management.

“Ship management is not just about safe shipping, but also about pushing the management capability on board ships,” said Borromeo. “Times are difficult. It’s all a question of how we maximize the return on investment in assets and people. We all need to think long-term and ship managers must work with owners to allocate resources properly. InterManager will continue to engage with all the necessary stakeholders to ensure the safe operation of ships.”