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Crossworld Marine Services Inc has been awarded from POEA as the first one among the four top performing agencies for the Year 2009

Overseas Filipino workers should be advised during the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to refrain from carrying pirated video materials, especially those with pornographic content.


A Filipino Seafarer has been arrested recently in Australia for carrying three DVDs with pornographic content. Previously, two other Filipinos had also been arrested for committing the same violation. Australia prohibits and imposes stiff penalties on the import of such pirated video materials.


Some countries which also prohibit the import of pirated video materials and require that electronic devices of arriving passengers such as cellular phones, mp3 players, laptops and flash disks be submitted to their Immigration Section for checking of the contents.

Overseas Filipino Workers are hereby advised to refrain from accommodating any requests to carry baggage from strangers because these may contain dangerous drugs.

Travelers caught transporting illegal drugs run into risk of being imprisoned or meted with death penalty even if they claim they have no knowledge of such items in their possession.


International drug syndicates usually use "mules" or drug couriers. Illegal drugs are sometimes placed inside innocent looking packages such as shoes, books or buttons of clothing. In some cases, the drugs are kept inside the body of the "mule".


PDOS providers are enjoined to warn their participants constantly so they will not suffer the same fate as the Filipinos who are languishing in jail in foreign countries for drug trafficking. Most countries consider drug trafficking a serious offense and carry stiff penalties like imprisonment and death.

Please advise all your workers bound for Malaysia that effective 01 January 2010, the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) is enforcing the "New Currency Declaration Requirement".


The requirement obliges all persons entering or leaving Malaysia with cash and/or bearer negotiable instruments exceeding an amount equivalent to USD 10,000 to declare such amount ot the Royal Malaysian Customs using Customs Form 22 which will be available at all major entry and exit points in Malaysia.


The penalty for non-declaration or making false declaration is a maximum fine of RM1 million and /or imprisonment of not more that one (1) year.


POEA Resolution No. 09, series of 2009 declared that deployment of Filipino seafarers on board vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden (GOA).