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"Crossworld" believes in the importance of crew training in the efficient and safe operation of its principals vessels. To accommodate this, it has built a training facility in its headquarters in Manila.

  • The audio visual training center” is designed to meet the needs of the modern seafaring transportation market, accommodating a number of crew of up to 80 people. It can host training, and briefings in all technical and safety matters according to “ISM” code and to “ship security manual”. It can also be used by our principals for any briefing or lecture they wish to give to their crew members.

Apart from our «in house training courses», our simulation partners Compass Training CenterNorwegian training center philsIdess (Int’l development and environmental shipping school)Far east maritime training centerNew simulator training center of the Phillipines has installed the latest technology Ship Simulator allowing crews to have hands on training in various scenarios. Training courses include amongst others:

For Deck Officers:

  • Liquid Cargo Handling
  • SSBT with BRM/BTM
  • AIS
  • Cargo Handling
  • Radar Simulation
  • Radar Navigation

For Marine Engineers:

  • Control Engineering
  • Auxiliary Machinery
  • Pneumatics/Hydrolics
If you want more information on the training courses you can contact us
To enroll in one of the courses, please fill in the form that is located here

Crew of the Month

Mr. Jim Polecina
Chief Engineer
Golden Union


He joined Golden Union in 2003 as Enigne Cadet. He was given a promotion to Chief Engineer.

Jim Polecina

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Captain Mahdee Del Mundo
Golden Union


He joined Golden Union in 2005 as Deck Cadet. He was given a promotion to Master onboard on Captain Andreadis last November 2015.

Captain Mahdee Del Mundo

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