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Apr 10, 2017
Crossworld Vessel rescues two Filipino crew of Stellar Daisy

A Crossworld Marine vessel rescues two Filipinos who are part of the ill-fated Stellar Daisy cargo ship.

The two sailors are part of the 24-crew members of the South Korean Cargo Vessel that went missing in the middle of the South Atlantic
earlier this month.

At the time of the incident, four merchant ships were in the area, among them two from Crossworld Marine. It was the M/V Alithini that rescued the Filipinos sailors.

The crew of the Stella Daisy, a Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) with a capacity of more than 260,000 tons, comprised 16 Filipinos and eight Koreans.

Search and rescue operations are now coming to a close, with authorities feeling no more survivors will be found.





The Stellar Daisy photographed during medevac by he National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) South Africa in 2014



nauagio stellar daisy


Photo of Stellar Daisy's search and rescue operations. (Source: EPA/URUGUAYAN NAVY HANDOUT)


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