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CE DELEN TORIBIO2 Captain Mahdee Del Mundo
Golden Union

He joined Golden Union in 2005 as Deck Cadet. He was given a promotion to Master onboard Captain Andreadis last November 2015.



2005-2006 Deck cadet 1 year Bulk Carrier  Greek, Russian, Filipinos
2007-2008 Jr. 3rd Officer 1 year Bulk Carrier Greek, Russian, Polish, Filipinos
2009-2010 3rd Officer    1 year Bulk Carrier Greek, Russian, Polish, Filipinos
2010-2011 2nd Officer    9 months Bulk Carrier Greek, Russian, Filipinos
2012-2015 Chief Officer    3 years Bulk Carrier Greek, Russian, Filipinos


How long do you see yourself staying in the Shipping Industry?

As long as my services are needed, I will stay dedicated to my work, especially referring to Crossworld/Golden Union. They provide a good compensation and benefits. Furthermore since I have good working relationship with my colleagues, I plan on staying until my retirement -perhaps another 10 years.  

What skills will you develop in your Shipping career in order to be more competitive?

I am so young and I have so many skills to develop, like handling peoples, facing authorities and other shipboard operations.

What are your top priority at this time?

My top priority is to give my family a brighter future by investing my money so that even when I am gone, they will not face any financial problem.

How does this career affect your lifestyle and work/family balance?

My career affects a lot of my lifestyle. I came from a noble family where I had no opportunities. I finished a 2 year course before entering the field, but due to lack of demands, I worked as a promodiser in Walter mart in Lipa city for a year. Then, I decided again to study at PMI colleges in Sta. Cruz Manila. While studying, I worked during the evenings at Jollibee and studied in the morning. It was important to understand that I could earn my own money and simultaneously manage to distinguish my desires from my needs. Then I transferred to PMMA. My lifestyle changed in so many levels. I managed to build my house, to invest extra money and plan my own business for the future. I even accomplished to provide initial insurance to all of my family’s members.

What special advice would give a person entering this field?

Always think for your future, but always look back. Never stop learning. Be a good follower because a good follower is a good leader. GOOD, BETTER, and BEST never let it rest, until GOOD becomes BETTER and the BETTER becomes the BEST.

What exceptional skills and knowledge should someone has in this type of job?

Learn how to withstand LONELINESS. Most of the seafarers are having “homesickness”. If you encounter this, just count the dollar you are earning onboard and your homesickness will be erased.

What personal characteristics will contribute to your success in this job’s field?

My personal characteristic that can contribute in the success of this business is that I know how to control my temper.

How would you define “success” in your job/career? At the end of your work life, what should be your achievements in order to consider you had a successful career?  

Success is the product of determination, courage and hard work. You should have a determination to handle the responsibilities and courage to face the consequences. In the end, your hard work will have a good outcome. 

What are the basic prerequisites for jobs in this field?

Firstly, you should have an educational background at least be a college graduate. Then, you should take basic training like Solas in order to be able to issued Seaman’s book. For officers, take Marina exams and their required trainings. (“Magastos po magseaman”). But its worth doing all of the above, as long as you are into this field.      

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in this job?

There is no special skills required for this job. Only a good sense of humor. Jobs on board are very simple to learn. You just need to understand it, pay attention and love your job.

What are the educational requirements for this position or field? Is taking other trainings for upgrading recommended/ required?  

You should be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT). In oder to have an Officer’s License, you should take examination in Marina and take OLC (Operational Level Course) for OIC (Officer in Charge of Navigational watch) and MLC (Management Level Course) for Chief mate and Master. Just follow their listed requirements.

What personal qualities or abilities are important for success (in this field, organization, or position)?

Be humble. Don’t pretend that you know everything. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Make a good relationship with your subordinates because without them, you cannot maneuver the ship on your own.  

What kind of background or training is desirable for this work? Are there certain classes or training programs you would recommend? 

Yes, for management level like Chief Officer, I recommend to take Trim and stability training. It is not compulsory training but it is very useful.

What are the typical salary ranges in this profession?

Typical salary Officer for Bulk Carrier
For OIC – 3000-3700 USD
For Chief Officer – 6000-7000 USD
For Master – 8000-9000 USD

Aside from such tangible compensation as money, fringe benefits, travel, etc., what kinds of satisfaction and reward you get from this profession?

In our profession, the saddest time is when you leave your family, but the happiest time of your life is when you go home. That is because you are over excited of seeing that “the fruit of your labor” are paying now. That is the type of happiness money cannot buy. Nowadays, seafarers are cleverer when it comes to money. There are sayings “SEAMAN ang SYOTA mo? Ang SWERTE MO Ineng!!!!” I really love this job.

Describe the management style that will bring forth your best work and efforts.

First of all, learn your surroundings. Before giving an order to the crew, study the situation. Most of the crew complaints are about the task. The term “wala sa ayos” means that they are not comfortable with the task. Give them the suitable time and ask them if they are familiar with the job. If you feel that they are having a difficulty with the job, ask them their ideas on how to manage it. Proper task assessment should be considered a must in order for them to admire you.

What is your preferred work style? Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?

I prefer to work with other people as a team. It is better to cooperate with those persons who actually do the job than listening those who assign the task. If you can understand how they do it, you will generate a system that makes your people work effectively and conveniently without complaints. Most of the crew onboard complaint so much. It is always better to ask them their personal experience so you can be a good leader.

By working with people, in general, describe your preferred relationship with them.

In every job order that I proceed with, I always give them complements by adding extra overtime from their wages, even when they have not work it. Always give them Sunday as a rest day.

How easily do you go along working with people of different nationalities? Do you get intimidated or you perform as well as by being exposed to them?

By trying to understand them since they are some of them who do not understand English. I easily get them because I usually request for their directions on how to do the task. Even now, I try to learn their dialects so that I can easily understand what they are saying and like.

Tell us about a time when you had to work closely with a coworker onboard, whom you disliked or with whom you had trouble working. What did you do to manage working along in order to be efficient for your company?

Thanks God I have never deal with a situation like this. I always follow my superior. When I became superior, I considered my under crew as friends in order to have harmonious relationship on board. There are some times that my superior shouts but I don’t mind. I just work and do my best.

Tell us about a time when you disagreed with the actions or decisions of your superior. How did you approach the situation? Was the situation resolved to your satisfaction or did nothing to change?

Yes, sometimes happens to have conflicts along with decisions. I make a suggestion but the decision is still up to them and I shall respect it. There are rules on board,
Rule No.1: Captain is always right!
Rule No.2: If the Captain is wrong, go back to rule No.1.
Respect your superior and you will have the trust that you’re looking for.

Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you manage the conflict? What happened next with that coworker or team?

When I was a Chief mate, conflicts always happened, especially on serving food to the crew. Some assistant cook did not had a good knowledge in cooking which most of the crew was complaining about. Nowadays, most of the ship have the MLC complaint box in which the crew can write all the complaints on board. But mostly, they report this to chief officer.
In this situation, I gathered all the crew. We talked about the problem. It is always fair to have both sides opinion if you want to have a solution. I gave a warning to the assistant cook for the complaints that I was aware of. The next day, the assistant cook improved his menu and everybody were satisfied. If you can assess the problem on board, do it in a good and professional way.


What makes Crossworld Marine different from other companies?

I would like to extend my thanks to all the employees of Crossworld Marine Services (Golden Union) for giving me all the chances that I could take. From Cadet to a Captain, they don’t hesitate to hire me and give all the opportunities that a seafarer’s can have. From 2005 to 2015, in short period of time, I have taken my Master’s degree with their support. They follow trusted principals, well awarded compensation, proper policies, and approachable, good looking employees. I cannot compare this company with others since my only experience is here but I believe that this is one of the best Manning Agency in the country. So guys, keep up the good work and continue supplying a quality and professional seafarers.

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Captain Mahdee Del Mundo
Golden Union


He joined Golden Union in 2005 as Deck Cadet. He was given a promotion to Master onboard on Captain Andreadis last November 2015.

Captain Mahdee Del Mundo

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